Building trust from the outset


Instagram Bios

A good friend of mine is in the process of setting up her own business and her questions surrounding how to create an Instagram account had my hyperactive brain kicking into overdrive.

It really got me thinking about the importance of writing a killer Instagram bio and how it’s execution helps to build trust from the outset.

The constant bombardment in the social media world has left us mere mortals quite sceptical, and if we aren’t immediately (and succinctly) supplied with the facts, we’re outa there!

So…with 150 characters or less to express what you do, and how you can enrich the lives of your followers, what do you write?!

I’ve refined it to a simple formula:

{What is your business} {What is it that you do} {How does what you do create a positive impact on people’s lives?}

Break it down

{We’re equine marketing specialists} {We create innovative marketing} {We create marketing for people who want to stand out from the crowd}

End result

We’re equine marketing specialists that create innovative marketing for those who dare to be different.

Tips & tricks

  • If you struggle with finding the words that you feel express what you’re trying to say, consult a trusty thesaurus (there is a free online one)
  • Feeling unsure about what you do, or what sets your business apart? List all the things you do/set you apart and write a summary
  • Don’t forget to incorporate your brand’s personality and tone of voice into your bio. It’s essential to think about what your business represents and how you would like it to be perceived. Think of your brand as a living person, is it laid back? Corporate? Warm and down to earth? 
  • Appeal to your target audience: It’s important to understand who are you trying to appeal to and use language that will resonate with these individuals. 
  • Keep the emojis to a minimum

So, now you’ve written a kick-ass bio but want your instagram to look mouth-wateringly scroll worthy? Stay tuned for more tips on how to up your gram game.

Facts from our Founder Jasmine Robertson