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Ziba’s business model allows us to work alongside the best creatives in their fields and with a commitment to creating cutting edge marketing for our clients, we’ve searched far and wide to establish an exceptional network of talented humans who help bring our ideas to life.

The people who make what we do possible are so important to us and we would love you to meet them. So, over the next few weeks, we’re going to shine the light on our gifted community who are well and truly part of the Ziba family.

First up we would like to introduce the incredible woman behind the graphic design component of many of our most memorable marketing campaigns; Amanda Bennett.

For Jasmine, meeting Amanda was a twist of fate after a mutual friend recommended her back in 2019. Based on Australia’s Sunshine Coast, Amanda was actually born and raised in Cambridge, NZ (home to Ziba’s HQ!). Keep reading to find out a little bit more about Amanda.

What is it that you do?

I am a graphic designer and work alongside the beautiful Jasmine, collaborating together to create the most innovative graphics for all marketing platforms.

How long have you worked alongside Ziba?

I have had the privilege of working with Ziba since October 2019.

What is your favourite part about collaborating with Ziba?

It’s not often you come across a person like Jasmine who has a creative outlook and the management skills she does.

She only ever wants the best results for her clients and is committed to keeping the overall look and feel of a brand consistent across ALL marketing material. In all the years that I have worked as a graphic designer, I have never come across a brief so in-depth.

Jasmine has a creative flair that pushes my skills as a designer which has resulted in some of the best marketing material that I have produced.

Before moving to Australia 7 years ago I had horses all my life, competing on the showjumping circuit, but also while I wasn’t designing/studying, I used to ride track work in Cambridge and Te Awamutu. So saying this I LOVE working with horses again, and it’s such a pleasure to be creating marketing material for some of the top Studs in New Zealand and Australia.

Amount of time in your profession? / Experience in your field?

I finished studying in 2009 – that makes me feel old even saying that!

I have worked for a vast range of companies over the years:
– Annah Stretton – in-house graphic designer
– Health 2000 – in-house graphic designer
– Que Magazine – magazine designer
– Crowther Blayne – magazine designer for You build it and Master builder – Pacific Optics – in-house graphic designer
– Afrinage Professional – in-house graphic designer
– LOOP LABS – Graphic Design Agency
– ATTAdesign Freelance Graphic Designer – Artist – Textiles Artist

Favourite piece you have worked on for Ziba?

I must say the most enjoyment and fulfilment came from Arrowfield Stud’s ‘Greatness in Numbers’ campaign, Mapperley Stud’s ‘The Brand Says It All’ campaign and also this years ‘Armidale Stud Collection’ campaign…the list could go on as I have such a love for horses so anything that involves editing them is great for me!!

What is the best part about your job?

Editing and reaching the final design.

Where would you spend all of your time if you could?

If I could spend my days working abroad and living in Indonesia travelling, that would be a dream come true. ANYWHERE IN NATURE, I’m a bit of a hippy at the core! Haha.

Why did you decide to do the work you are doing now?

I have always been an Artist. I studied in Hamilton New Zealand and was actually meant to be a painter but took a course in graphic design and fell in LOVE.

What are your qualifications?

2009 – Degree in Graphic Design
2008 – 2nd year Media Arts
2007 – 1st year Media Arts
2006 – Certificate in Media Arts
2005 – Level 2 NCEA
2004 – Level 1 NCEA

Anything you would like people to know?
I always wonder what life would have been like to be a jockey. I had someone offer me an apprenticeship while I was studying and turned it down.

I’m also born and bred in Cambridge, New Zealand but currently live on the Sunshine Coast of Australia.

Amanda has always had a strong love of horses