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Jasmine Robertson
Highly inquisitive by nature, I’m always intrigued to know how and why people gravitate towards their chosen career paths. I’m often asked why I got into Equine Marketing, so for you fellow busybodies out there, here is my ‘why.’

For as long as I can remember, my (incredibly supportive) parents encouraged me to find something that I was wholeheartedly passionate about. They helped to nurture my love of the horse and equipped me with the life skills needed to make my dream a reality, something I will be forever grateful for.

I’m one of the lucky ones who always knew what they wanted to do. There was no doubt in my mind; it was ALWAYS going to be horses. Initially, I was very hands-on, but my creative inner child pulled me in a direction where I would be able to earn a living by adapting those swirling ideas in my head into a visual product.

I’ve always struggled with the concept of standing still, and as I’ve…ahem…matured, I’ve realised that I’m the happiest when I’m out of my comfort zone as it stimulates subsequent growth.

A competitive perfectionist at my core, I battle with the idea of settling for mediocre. So it probably comes as no surprise that marketing suits me because I constantly have to pivot and push through barriers into unchartered territory to explore new ideas.

So now that we’ve established that I have an annoyingly hyperactive mind, the second piece of the puzzle is that I love horses and people. Being a business owner myself, I understand the passion that our clients pour into growing their businesses and it brings me great joy to become a part of that process.

For me, doing what I do is not about making money. I get the most satisfaction out of getting that email or call from a client telling me what we created spoke to them and helped them achieve what we set out to do.

The horse, in my opinion, is one of the most glorious creatures on earth. Beautiful, intuitive and full of personality…who in their right mind wouldn’t want to work with them?!

Words from our MD/Founder Jasmine Robertson